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4WD Suspension


Understanding Your 4WD’s Suspension:

  • Suspension Travel
  • Approach Angle
  • Departure Angle
  • Load Carrying
  • Coil Springs
  • Leaf Springs

Suspension Travel

By replacing existing components (coil or leaf springs) with longer coils or more highly cambered leaves, it is possible to attain greater wheel travel.

This allows the 4WD to keep its 4 driven wheels on terrain to gain traction, whilst also helping the body or chassis areas to not become stuck on rocks, ledges, creek crossings etc.

Longer coils or higher leaves improve ground clearance and if manufactured in accordance with the weight of vehicle and accessories, are increased in load carrying capacity. This effectively gives improved cornering at all times, ie less sway and body roll and does not adversely affect ride or passenger comfort.

It is important to fit ‘long travel’ shock absorbers if you increase the static ride height of a 4WD. Your nearest 4WD WORLD outlet can provide and install these and can offer a product in accordance with your budget.

Where a coil sprung vehicle needs improvement and height is a problem, ie your garage or carport is too low, we can provide standard height heavy duty coil springs. Consult your 4WD WORLD outlet and read the following information on coil springs.

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