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Avenger Mako TDS 9.5 Review

Avenger Mako TDS 9.5 voted 1st place in 4WD Action Winch Comparison Test

In 4WD Action Magazine (issue 159) the magazine compared 10 brands of 12V electric winches. The Avenger Mako 9.5 (9,500) won the compare being:
- Best value for money
- Lightest winch (using the optional dyneema rope)

The Avenger Mako was a bit of a dark horse in the competition and definitely a surprise package for the money. It's a smooth winch that took everything thrown at it during the testing and just kept coming back for more.

Particularly impressive was the free-spool lever operation and ease in which the rope comes off the drum. While the synthetic rope itself played a part in its smooth free-spool, it's a welcome feature when you're scrambling your way up the hill with the winch rope in your hand.

A clever little design we noticed on the controller's cable was the raised white indicator to help with locating it into the control box. It's a definite plus for vehicles that have the control box hidden under the bar or those late night recoveries.

Mako’s double tapered external brake feature was a real winner as it allows use of synthetic winch cable (such as Dyneema) to be used without overheating the cable. This is a patented Mako Exclusive.

It was one of only 3 winches to complete all the comparisions including:
- Stall and destruction tests
- Water submersion test
- Cable and hook destruction test
- Winch stall point (mako rated 5.3 tonnes)
- Long pull torture test
- Vehicle and camper trailer test

Mako Beat:
- Warn
- Premier
- Bushranger
- Maxitrac
- Superwinch
- Tigerz
- Terrain Tamer

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Specifications of the Avenger Mako 9,500

Single Line rating9500lb (4309kg)
Motor Rating12V 5hp series wound
Hand Controller5m lead remote with indicator lights
Gear TrainThree stage planetary gears
Reduction Ratio173:1
Free-Spool Clutch DesignRotating ring gear
FairleadAluminium hawse
Winch Brake DesignExternal Double tapered cone
WarrantyLimited lifetime on mechanical components
one year on electrical components

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