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Benefit of Detroit Lockers to 4WD Owners

Benefit of Detroit Lockers to 4WD Owners
● Fully automatic operation
● Unparalleled reliability (unbreakable)
● Improved turning circle/ steering ability in hard 4WD conditions
● Ideal for mud, rock or sandy conditions
● No air lines or compressors to give problems
● Made in the USA to the highest standards
● Proven over 30-40 years in 4WD and motorsport applications
● Easy to install in all open differentials (slightly harder in LSD differentials)
● Lack of torque steer in sand, mud etc (due to indexing operation)
● Better steering ability means less body damage in tight 4WD conditions


● A magazine locker test recently found that the turning circle of a vehicle with front and rear D/L was 2 metres better than a vehicle equipped with air operated differential locks, i.e. 10metres vs 12metres
●They are not suitable for front differentials in full time 4WD conditions.

They are ideal in all popular models of:
● Toyota Landcruiser
● Toyota Hilux
● Toyota Prado
● Land Rover Discovery
● Land Rover Defender
● Range Rover Classic

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