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Detroit Locker
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Detroit Locker

Experience Maximum Traction with the new improved DETROIT LOCKER Automatic Locking Differential.

The Differential: The key to 4WD

When you purchase a four-wheel-drive, what you’re really buying is traction - the ability to keep going in mud and snow, over rocks and ruts. But the real key to traction is found in the differential … the piece of hardware that distributes the torque to each axle shaft, allowing differences in wheel speed when the vehicle turns or travels on uneven surfaces.

All-Ways the Best / Now Even Better with NEW – SMOOTH, QUIETER OPERATION!

The New IMPROVED Detroit Locker differential operates in the Drive-Coast mode without the backlash feel and sounds. Now everyday driving is Quiet and Smooth, yet immediate maximum traction is right there when you need it!

It‘s all in the new preload devices between the side gears, that add Pleasability to traction control - and to your driving experience!

The improved differential is available for these axles:

  • Ford 9", 10¼"
  • Dana 44, 60, 70, 80
  • AMC 20
  • Toyota Hilux, Landcruiser
  • Nissan GQ Patrol
  • Land Rover Discovery, Range Rover

Detroit Locker is the fully automatic locking traction differential that is well known for premium performance and dependable operation. It is the culmination of half a century in engineering development for original equipment and replacement applications. For light truck application, Detroit Locker is a proven performer.

Detroit Locker maximises traction by delivering 100% of the torque and power to both drive wheels. It is engineered to keep both wheels in a constant drive mode, yet has the ability to ‘unlock’ to permit necessary wheel speed differentiation. The Detroit Locker is ‘trouble free’ as it does not require service adjustments or special lubricants. Detroit Locker has more to offer.

COMPARE! Feature for Feature, Dollar for Dollar, no other diff offers the quality, performance and durability of the NEW Improved DETROIT LOCKER.

Tired of spinning your wheels? Detroit Locker differentials provide positive traction in light trucks and 4WDs

  • Fully automatic locking action
  • Eliminates individual wheel spin-out for better traction
  • Extreme durability and reliability
  • No special lubricants required
  • Proven in thousands of installations
  • Easy to install, no special tools or case modifications
  • Ability to steer vehicle when fitted to front differential.

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About Detroit products

The legendary Detroit Locker began the revolution in performance differentials and still leads the industry today.

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