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Detroit Truetrac
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Detroit Truetrac

Experience maximum True Traction with the new premium Detroit TrueTrac Torque Proportioning Differential commonly known as Limited Slip Differential.

The Differential: The Key to 4WD

When you purchase four wheel drive, what you’re really buying is traction - the ability to keep going in mud and snow, over rocks and ruts. But the real key to traction is found in the differential … the piece of hardware that distributes the torque to each axle shaft, allowing differences in wheel speed when the vehicle turns or travels on uneven surfaces.

Without a differential, all four wheels would turn at equal speed around corners. Tyres would skid and axle shafts would actually work against each other. In such a "locked" position, you would be incapable of negotiating left or right turns without scuffing your tyres (producing excessive tread wear) and potentially damaging the axle shafts. To alleviate these problems, all four wheel and two wheel drive vehicles feature conventional differentials.

Unfortunately, conventional differentials have a severe limitation: when you encounter a loose traction surface, a standard "diff" directs power to the wheel with the least resistance. The result: the wheel on the loose surface spins furiously, while the opposite wheel, on a better traction surface, literally stands still … and so do you! You’re stuck!


There are a number of positive-traction and limited slip differentials on the market that can help deliver traction on loose surfaces... but none offer the features, durability, performance and automatic operation of Detroit TrueTrac.


Detroit TrueTrac is the only unit currently available to the aftermarket featuring a gear-type limited slip design (no clutch or friction plates to wear out). Designed for medium duty 2WD and 4WD applications, this positive gear action provides a quiet, automatic splitting of torque, without creating the steering problems associated with other traction diffs. It'’ so smooth that power transfer goes literally unnoticed by the driver ... in fact, there'’ no hint of resistance in the steering wheel, even in front drive steering axles!


Detroit TrueTrac performs like a standard (open) differential under normal highway driving conditions... until you need it. Then it automatically engages (no buttons or switches to manually engage) when you normally would experience wheel spin on wet, muddy or icy terrain. This provides improved handling and increased traction, furnishes an added measure of passenger safety and vehicle control, and increases the tread life of your tyres.


With its dependable automatic operation, Detroit TrueTrac reduces axle stress and shockloads. And because of its own rugged design, Detroit TrueTrac requires no service adjustments, special lubricants or friction modifier additives.


Detroit TrueTrac is quickly and easily installed using a simple bolt-in process, which takes only a few hours by an experienced mechanic.


Detroit TrueTrac has proven itself in thousands of installations, including:

  • Light 2WD and 4WD vehicles
  • Jeep, Land Rover, Toyota and other off-road 4WD vehicles
  • Pickup trucks in both commercial and recreational service

COMPARE! Feature for Feature, Dollar for Dollar no other diff offers the quality, performance and durability of DETROIT TRUETRAC.

The new premium Detroit TrueTrac Torque Proportioning Differential:

  • Improved design performs like standard (open) differential in normal driving.. until you need it.
  • Limits wheel spin on wet, muddy and icy terrain for maximum traction.
  • Improves handling and increases tread life by allowing differences in wheel speed when turning or operating on uneven surfaces.
  • Dependable, rugged automatic system.
  • Smooth operation - even in front drive steering axles.
  • Features positive gear action - no friction plates.
  • No special lubricants required.
  • Proven in thousands of installations.
  • Easy to install, no special tools or case modifications.

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The legendary Detroit Locker began the revolution in performance differentials and still leads the industry today.

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