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Flares for Landcruiser 100 & 200 Series
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Flares for Landcruiser 100 & 200 Series

New Product - Flares for Landcruiser 100 & 200 Series

Bushwacker flares are now available for these popular Toyota models. These give a factory (O.E.) styling with an extra 3/4 inch of tyre coverage.

The American-made Bushwacker Flares suit a limited range of 4WD vehicles, and with their quality finish and factory appearance give a customised distinction.

Features & Benefits
  • Add extended tyre coverage to help keep road debris off the vehicle.
  • Moulded to individually match the body contour of each make and model.
  • Made from Bushwacker's own unique DuraFlex and DuraFlex 2000, a material that adds flexibility yet is rigid enough to retain its shape.
  • Available in matt black or some coloured finishes, depending on the model.
  • Each set includes all necessary hardware and easy, detailed instructions for painting and installation.
  • Extend-A-Fender, Cut-Out and Street styles are easily attached with pop rivets; Flat Top Panel flares and No-Pocket Cut-Out styles are fitted using a combination of pop rivets and space-age adhesives.

Five distinct styles

  • Street Flares have a unique, low profile design with minimal coverage, focussing more on looks than function.
  • "OE Style" Flares have a factory look in a unique design that wraps under the vehicle body. Finished in matt black or ready to paint, they provide some additional tyre coverage and protection from rocks and debris.
  • Extend-A-Fender Flares are great for larger tyres and wheels, with extended coverage and a limited edition appearance for a fraction of the cost.
  • Cut-Out Flares are available in two styles - Pockets and No Pockets - and cover extra large tyres. For use when sheet metal is cut away to accommodate the tyres.
  • Pocket Style Flares are for Jeep owners who adore the classic Wrangler look. Bold pocket styling .. no sheet metal cutting.

Bushwacker Flares available for:

  • Jeep Wrangler TJ
  • Ford Explorer
  • Ford F Series
  • Chev Suburban
  • Chev Utes
  • Dodge Rams
  • GMC Utes
  • Toyota Landcruiser

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