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Low Sulphur Diesel

  1. What is low sulphur diesel?
    Low sulphur diesel has a sulphur content of 500ppm (parts per million) maximum and as regulated by state Governments for use:
    • in Queensland as from July 2000
    • in southern WA (south of Canarvon) as from Jan 2000
    • in Northern WA as from Jan 2001
    • The previous sulphur specification was 5000 ppm maximum.
    • It will be legislated Australia wide from December 2002
  2. Why have low sulphur diesel?
    Low sulphur is good for health and the environment as it reduces pollution, including black smoke, smog and sulphur dioxide.
  3. What can the low sulphur diesel effect?
    In some cases the seals on diesel pumps older than 5-0 years can react to the change in the composition of the diesel and can no longer effectively “seal” the pump.
  4. How will I know if my diesel pump seals have been affected?
    If the body of the pump is wet then this may indicate that the pump is leaking.
  5. How much fuel will leak out?
    Typically the leak is very small and slow. However, all leaking seals must be replaced.
  6. What can be done to fix the problem?
    The only “fix” is to have the seals replaced.
  7. Will any other part of my vehicle/equipment be affected?
    Typically the diesel pump is the only part of the vehicle/equipment to be effected. However, as a precaution the engine oil level in the sump should be checked to monitor fuel leakage into the sump. If there is an increase in the volume of engine oil or the oil warning light comes on, the vehicle/equipment should be checked by a mechanic.

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