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Mako Release a 6,500LB 12V Winch

Electric winch manufacturer Mako has released a small 12V electric winch of 6,500lb capacity, ideal for smaller 4WD vehicles and popular utes.

The Mako TDS 6,500 has the automatic double core brake system that is renowned for its reliable and positive function.

The 6,500lb unit has a 4hp 12V motor and 80ft (24metres) of 8.3mm steel winch cable.

The 3 stage planetry gear base ensures fast winch speeds with reliability and durability under the toughest 4WD conditions.

The winch comes complete with all wiring, a pulley block and remote control unit for ease of operation.

The Mako winch is great value with the unit being ideal for all of the smaller 4WD's, Ute’s and SUV vehicles.

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