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Recovery Gear


The golden rule with winching (either manual or electric) is to use a pulley block to double the winching effort.

Greaseable units with plating (zinc/galvanised etc) are the best. Ensure the unit is wide enough to accommodate the winch rope you will be using.


Always use rated shackles with recovery gear. These have a safe working load (SWL) stamp on them.

Choose either Bow or D styles and use with pins finger tight. Most popular recovery kits include 3 units, but a spare one or two come in handy.


  • Manual Winches are thought of by four wheel drivers as a necessity where electric winches are somewhat of a ‘luxury’.
  • Manual Winches such as the Big Haul, Beaver Tuff Pull or Tirfor T516 are a very important item of recovery equipment.
  • They should be used with a pulley block. This halves the physical effort and doubles the pulling (winching) load.
  • They come with 2 levers which are operated by a telescopic handle. One moves the cable one way, and the other the reverse.
  • 20 metres of steel cable on a reeler is the winch ‘rope’.
  • Shear pins are fitted to the units should overloading occur.
  • The units can pull a 4WD vehicle out of mud, sand, holes, etc.
  • A 4WD can be winched forward, backwards, sideways or even back onto their wheels using a manual winch.
  • Manual winches also feature a neutral function to allow the cable to be pulled through the machine quickly.
  • They feature a pin or hook on the fixed end to which a tree trunk protector or winch strap is attached
  • 4WD WORLD training specialists offer proper training of this and other recovery items. You’ll find the nearest one listed under

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