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Seal Lock Hi-Tech Products
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Seal Lock Hi-Tech Products


  • Self-tapping, self-locking - quick and easy to install. No special taps or tools required. Simply install using a nut and bolt as per diagram, saving in down-time and expensive kits.
  • Super strong (case hardened to 60 Rockwell cutting into steel, copper, bronze, brass, cast and alloys etc., with ease).
  • Corrosion resistant (all inserts are zinc and cadmium coated). Big range in UNC, UNF and metric up to M30, and even this large thread repair can be done for around $60.00.



The fastest and easiest way to seal and prevent leaks in all automotive and commercial cooling systems. This inexpensive capsule or tablet forms a permanent seal and has no downside. It is compatible with all additives and definitely does not clog up water pumps, heater cores or thermostats. Every water-cooled engined should have one, for effective preventative maintenance. Seal-Tabs will remain effective in the cooling system for up to two years if you don't change the water.


An amazing, space age sealant that comprehensively outperforms all other anaerobic, expoxies and silicones available today. Fluid Weld withstands temperatures up to 3000 degrees F (1660 degrees C). It has 1,001 uses for repairing fine cracks, pin holes and porosity in cast or aluminium heads, blocks and general castings. Excellent when installing welsh plugs and valve seat inserts, and a proven method for fixing cracked exhaust manifolds. Most repairs will use only $2 to $3 worth of Fluid Weld.


Tap, machine and tool lubricant, T.M.T. is not only a lubricant but also a superior penetrant, rust remover, rust and corrosion inhibitor and moisture displacer. It is 100% pure synthetic, leaves a dry surface and repels dust and lint. It withstands temperatures from minus 100 degrees F to plus 500 degrees F. T.M.T. is also odourless and doesn't stain. It sinks into the pores of metal, reducing surface tension and practically eliminating friction and reducing wear, which adds years to the life of your valuable tools and equipment.


A high strength, high temperature resistant anaerobic sealant/retaining compound, that locks, seals and retains a wide range of parts such as studs, screws, bolts, nuts, fittings, bearing, valve seat inserts, valve guides, cylinder sleeves, injectors, gears, keyways, collars, hydraulic fittings, pulleys, etc. Grip prevents leaking, contamination and corrosion, and also stops loosening from vibration. Fast curing, no mixing and easy application. It fills voids (0.015") and temperature range from minus 76 degrees F to plus 500 degrees F.


Simply the finest repair process on the market today! With this process, you can guarantee perfect, permanent, invisible repairs to cracked or broken engine blocks, cylinder heads or any other cast iron or cast aluminium automotive, marine and industrial casting. By using the exclusive Seal-Lock high temperature resistant tapered repair plugs and Seal-Lock special sealants, you can be guaranteed of perfect results at a very reasonable price.


  • Permanent, leak-proof and invisible
  • Water and pressure tight
  • Resistant to extremes in temperature
  • STRONGER than the original casting

Seal-Lock Kits contain:

  • 200 plugs
  • Titanium nitride taps and drills (2 sizes)
  • All sealants
  • Inexpensively priced at around $500

Think of all those expensive repairs you can now do yourself!

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