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Staun Valves (Tyre Deflators)
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Staun Valves (Tyre Deflators)

Staun Tyre Deflators are the easiest, most accurate way of decreasing your vehicle's tyre pressure. They are:
  • Essential for sand/beach driving
  • Adjustable: 6 -30 p.s.i.
  • Machined brass
  • Fits all tyre brands and sizes
  • A set of 4
  • 100% Australian Made

These are a must for 4WDs used on beaches or in sandy outback conditions. They allow you to automatically deflate all four tyres at once, saving 10-12 minutes each time.

Benefits of Deflating Your Tyres

Increasing your vehicle's traction
A 25-30% decrease in tyre pressure will yield up to 250% improvement in traction, by increasing the depth and width of the tyre on the surface.

Minimising environmental disruption
An inflated tyre will leave a noticeably more significant imprint on the terrain it is crossing, which can be reduced by simply reducing the tyre pressure. This works to protect and conserve our natural environment, meaning everyone can enjoy the off-road experience in the future.

Improved ablity to travel on softer surfaces
The bigger the footprint, the softer the surface you can travel on as the weight of the vehicle is distributed over a larger surface area. When tyres have very little or no traction they have a greater chance of getting bogged down or stuck in the surface or terrain that they are being driven through.

Reducing resistance to obstacles
Tests have shown a 40% improvement in overcoming obstacles at lower tyre pressures, due to the low pressure tyres being able to contort over the obstacle. Therefore the drive becomes a less bumpy, much softer ride.

Improving fuel economy by 10-15%
Fuel usage increases when tyres are at higher pressures because more revs and greater acceleration is required to take the vehicle over the off-road surfaces.

Being safer at higher speeds
The increased surface area of the tyres enables the vehicle to be stabilised at higher speeds on softer surfaces.

Reducing wear and tear on drive train components
When driving with higher tyre pressure on soft surfaces your vehicle must be driven in lower gears to go over the terrain, resulting in more wear and tear on drive train components such as differentials, gear boxes and axle bearings.

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About Staun Products products

Staun tyre deflators are an Australian design and are one of the simplest, and most effective methods of deflating your tyres.

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