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Tonneau Cover to suit Holden Commodore
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Tonneau Cover to suit Holden Commodore

A Tonneau Cover is available for this vehicle. Please call or email 4WD World to check availability for your model.

Tuff Tonneaus have developed a superior tonneau cover offering unique features such as an anti-theft system and super soft safety flaps to protect precious paintwork.

'Tonnolock' anti-theft system secures the tonneau to the body of most utes so it cannot be stolen.

Super soft felt protects paintwork from being rubbed away by brass eyelets & comes standard on most tonneau covers.

Other features of the Tuff Tonneau are:
  • Three Year No Fuss Warranty
  • Fully water proof lining on the top & the bottom
  • Will not shrink like other tonneau material
  • Rot-proof bonded thread
  • Rip resistant material
  • Maximum U.V. protection
  • All Japanese model utes come with a complete fitting kit
that includes an adjustable tonneau support bar to keep your tonneau taught.

For pricing please call 4WD World On
1800 807 176 or email us below

Tuff Tonneaus: More Product Information

Q.Is it easy to install?
A.YES! If your Tonneau is a replacement, you will have it installed in minutes. If your Ute has no fittings on it, most Tonneaus come with a complete fitting kit, including support bars and easy fit instructions. You should be able to easily fit the Tonneau to your Ute within two hours.

Q.Is it easy to remove the Tonneau if I have to?
A.YES! With the 'Tonnolock' anti - theft system, all you need to do is unlock the padlock that secures the Tonneau to your Ute and it can be removed in seconds.

Q.Are Tonneaus compatible with Ute Liners?
A.YES! Tonneaus are compatible with both over edge and under edge ute liners. Slight modifications may need to be made to the front of the liner so the aluminium sail track can attach directly to the car.

Q.Is a Tonneau Durable?
A.Tonneaus are very durable. The material used is a vinyl that has a polyester weave backing and has a very high tear and tensile strength and is weather, abrasion and rot resistant. They are so durable all Tonneaus come with a three year warranty.

Q.What is the best thing to clean my Tonneau with?
A.The very best cleaning agent for a Tonneau is 303 Protectant. Not only does it renew, beautify and preserve your investment, it is non greasy so it will not attract dust like other cleaning agents. 303 Protectant is available from all good auto stores.

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