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Tyre Sidewalls

The Imperial system comes to our shores mainly from America. This is how the system works
31 Overall diameter in inches
10.5 Tyre width in inches
R Means Radial Ply construction
15 Tyre diameter in inches
LT Means Light Truck designation
109 Is the load index which equates to 1030 kgs for a single wheel
S Is the speed rating of 180 kph
Metric markings are found on tyres arriving from Japan and some European manufacturers

LT Means the tyre construction is Light Truck designated
235 Relates to the section width of the tyre, in millimetres
85 The Aspect Ratio of the tyre, being 85% of the section width of the tyre at the correct pressure
R Means Radial Ply construction
16 Diameter of the tyre, in inches
115 / 113 This is the Load Rating and depends on whether a single or dual tyre application is used. 115 equates to 1215 kgs
N The Speed Rating, equal to 140 kph
We still see some of these markings around and it works like this
G The code for maximum load
R Radial Ply construction
78 This is the Aspect Ratio
15 Rim diameter in inches
LT Light Truck construction

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