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Winch Straps

Winch Straps are an alternative to chain. Being much lighter and far easier to handle, they come in popular lengths, ie 10 metres, 20 metres, 30 metres.

They are used where the winch cable (steel rope) will not reach the vehicle (in case of manual winch) or anchor point (in case of electric winch).

Winch Straps are made of non-stretch terylene webbing similar to seat belt webbing. They have a reinforced loop at either end (for use with rated shackles) and can be used either single line or doubled up.

  • They can be used to anchor the winch to a tree or vehicle by looping it around and back through itself (single line) or simply around the tree or through the rated shackle (doubled up)
  • Winch Straps can be used in conjunction with pulley blocks, rated shackles, drag chains and tree trunk protectors for winching purposes
  • 4WD WORLD outlets or training specialists offer more advice as to the use of this important recovery kit item.

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