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About Yokohama

Yokohama 4WD tyres are available for all popular 4WD vehicles. They are available in a range of patterns and sizes to suit Australian conditions.

Products from Yokohama

ADVAN ST (V802) – Sport Terrain

ADVAN is Yokohama’s new flagship brand. Released in late 2005 the ADVAN ST is the show piece 4WD tyre. The Porsche tuning house Gemballa concentrates on further improving some of the world’s fastest cars. They choose to upgrade their Porsche Cayennes with ADVAN ST.

The ADVAN ST is a low profile tyre designed to give maximum directional and straight line stability to vehicles with a high centre of gravity. The ADVAN ST achieves this with a unique asymmetrical pattern featuring wide centre ribs and large tread blocks. Wide grooves ensure aquaplaning is reduced. This distinctive tread design, combined with a silica blend rubber compound, delivers superb traction in both wet and dry conditions.

SD05 - All Terrain

With a proven history, the SD05 is a durable tyre ideal for the high mileage urban 4WDs that see occasional off-road use.

The tread pattern features wide straight grooves for good wet performance as well as a unique tread block arrangement for straight line stability and good cornering response. The compound resists cutting caused by sharp rocks and provides good all-round performance.

Y826 - All Terrain

As tough as the older-style vehicles it is suited to. The Y826 features superior resistance to cuts and chips making it highly capable of top performance in the rugged and unforgiving Australian bush. Its unique ‘zig zag’ block design resists clogging and provides good off-road traction.

G001 MT – Mud Terrain

The design of the G001 was born from off-road racing. It best suits the serious off-road enthusiast.

The directional tread pattern features large tread blocks that extend beyond the sidewall to provide extra traction and side wall protection. This pattern efficiently removes water and mud from the contact patch. For lasting sure-footed traction, stepped block edges assist in removing mud and dirt from between the blocks.

G051 H/T–S – Highway / All Terrain

A premium 4WD and SUV tyre released in late 2005, the G051 H/T-S sets new standards of safety and performance in recreational vehicles. It is designed to provide car-like handling, superior comfort and long mileage. Get off the beaten track and you’ll discover it is equally impressive.

The tread pattern is optimised for low noise and even wear. Twin wide straight grooves and cross grooves increase traction on slippery roads. Large shoulder blocks assist cornering. The proprietary compound was developed especially for SUVs to deliver outstanding wet traction without compromising the tyre’s extended mileage capabilities.

G011 A/T + II – All Terrain

This tyre is designed to provide the best balance between on-road and off-road performance. The self cleaning properties reduce dangers of mud-clogged tyres when returning to the bitumen.

The tread design is characterised by twin wide grooves and dual cut sipes which increase the groove area and benefit wet performance. The tread blocks are individually designed to maximise cornering stability while reducing noise. The sides of the blocks are stepped for self cleaning while the side wall has a protector to resist cut damage.

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